ELKVIEW, WV (WOWK) – The people of Elkview recognize the scene in eastern Kentucky all too well as they are still recovering from their own tragic flooding that happened over six years ago.

Clendenin resident Sylvia Casto’s home was drowned by over ten feet of water during the deadly Elk River flooding in 2016. Now, her heart goes out to the people facing similar situations.

“Everything there was destroyed. We had to tear out all the walls, electric and everything. And we were out of our house for four months. I feel sorry for them because I know what it is to go through that,” Casto says.

One Mount Pleasant Baptist Church member remembers when the flooding wiped out his place of worship, six years later.

He says, “I just remember a lot of flood water, a lot of homes and families devastated. There was a lot of death and destruction around the whole area and there are still some people who haven’t recovered really from what happened.” 

But things do get better.

“Just have faith and know that things will work out. It may seem horrible and like it’s the end of everything, your life’s ruined right now, but just hang in there,” says Young.