A busy shopping center forced to rebuild, after the 2016 flood completely wiped away the only road to get there. 

Now two years later, the bridge has been rebuilt. Just like the community and the local businesses that call the Elkview Crossing Mall home.

The Elk Valley Branch of the Kanawha County Public Library System was forced to close it’s doors after the flood. 

Library employee Sara Caswell told 13 News that she remembers exactly where she was two years ago on the day of the flooding. 

 “Thursdays are my days to work late,” explained Caswell. “We left like normal at 8 and when I got home I saw on my television that the bridge had been washed out.” 

Little did Caswell know that when she locked the library’s door on that night, she would not be back for more than a year.

“For us, we have just now have been back here in the library building… it hasn’t even been a year yet,” said Caswell.

Despite the challenges, Caswell continues to look on the bright side. She tells 13 News she’s happy to be back in a building that she’s called home for so long. 

“I think it brought everybody closer, I think tragedy can do that sometimes,” Caswell told 13 News. “But I think that says a lot about the people that live here.”