CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – We’ve covered several labor disputes in our area recently, and now there may be one brewing in the small town of Elkview.

Some employees of Tudor’s Biscuit World say they want to form a union because they’re being treated unfairly. The company says nothing could be farther from the truth.

With over 70 locations across the state, you can see Tudor’s Biscuit World signs everywhere.

Early Thursday afternoon, less than a dozen workers from the Elkview location approached the district manager in Sissonville to talk about starting a union.

“She turned us away. She shoved the door in our face, didn’t want to hear anything about it,” Cynthia Nicholson, Tudor’s employee said.

The employees say they’re looking for better working conditions and fair treatment.

“We’re just wanting to have our chance to have a fair shake, to treat us like we’re human beings and not somebody that’s just a work machine that’s just expendable,” Cynthia said.

The company says they already treat their employees well, and a union would not help.

Vice president of Tudor’s Biscuit World Greg Atkinson said in a statement: “We provide comparable benefits and wages to other similar food establishments. We do not believe our employees will see any benefit from being represented by a union. We respect our employees and their rights under federal labor law and they are entitled to a secret ballot election. We will ensure their rights are protected.”

Although some Tudor’s are franchised, the Elkview location is company owned.

“We’re what keeps the store busy, you know. Of course, without us, there is no biscuits, or you can’t feed anybody. They don’t cook themselves,” Daniel Nicholson, Tudor’s employee said.

There are five steps in starting a union. The first step is organizing a committee, then adopting an issues program, authorizing a card drive, holding an election and if you win, start negotiating your contract.  It is a lot of work and we will keep you posted on what the employees decide to do.