MILTON, WV (WOWK) – As schools across the Mountain State add all-electric school buses to their fleet this week, it raises an important question. If they decide to make the permanent switch, where are they going to charge them?

The vehicles would require a 50-kilowatt fast charging station.

Formed through a partnership between Dixon Electrical Systems and Cenergy, DC-America is one of the only companies that has manufactured a Tesla and non-Tesla fast-charging station in the state.

For larger vehicles, like the all-electric school buses, it would only take four hours to charge on a 50-kilowatt fast-charger. That’s opposed to the 18 to 20 hours it would take on a temporary or Level-2 charger.

The company’s president Nathan Bowen says they only have one operating in their facility, but they’re anticipating they will soon be in high demand.

“We’re kind of going out and putting it on the market currently. Getting ready for all the federal funding that’s getting ready to come out,” Bowen says. He is referring to funding from President Biden’s $5 billion National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program.

The company has already been negotiating with cities interested in applying for this funding. This is all in an effort to replace their city vehicles with all-electric substitutes down the road.