CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The West Virginia Construction and Design Expo wrapped up Thursday afternoon as it made its return to the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center for the first time in three years.

The Expo is an event where people can network and learn from experts in the construction field, but a big topic around the whole expo was the new projects West Virginia can look forward to thanks to billions in federal funds.

The state is getting more than $7 billion in federal money from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Keynote speakers, including Transportation Secretary Jimmy Wriston, spoke about where the money will be going. Some highlights are more than 3 billion towards new highway and bridge construction projects, and millions towards water and sewer systems and improved internet access. People attending the expo say it’s been nice to learn about where exactly the money will go and how they can play a part in improving the state’s infrastructure.

“I think it will be great for the state to have some good transportation and other infrastructure projects being built. and our company is looking forward to participating in those big projects for engineering and design,” said Gary Phillips, who works for Mackin Engineering.

West Virginia Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin spoke at the expo virtually. They were both key leaders in securing the federal funding.