SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOWK) – Standing in the crowd at a candlelight vigil Sunday night at the Nicholas County Courthouse was a face many didn’t expect to see.

After just being shot in the leg a day and a half earlier Corporal Josh Ellison stood vigil with colleagues, family, friends, and strangers in honor of his fallen colleague Deputy Tom Baker.

Deputy Baker and Corporal Ellison were working together Friday night when the pair responded to a call in the Birch River area.

Both men were shot.

Deputy Baker’s injuries were fatal.  Corporal Ellison was shot in the leg.  He was rushed to WVU Summersville where he was treated and released.

Sunday night Corporal Ellison had lines of people waiting to shake his hand or give him a hug. 

He told 13 News Anchor Amanda Barren that his fallen colleague was a great man and that he joyed the time he got to work with him.

“I got a lot of emotions going on but as for my leg it is healing up, but it’s a little sore, but I will get through it,” he said.  “Everyone was amazed to see you here tonight, and at the procession today, what did it mean for you to be here,” Barren asked.   “It meant a lot; Tom was a great man and he would have done it for me so I wanted to do it for him.”

Earlier in the day, Ellison took part in the procession that started in South Charleston and brought Baker’s body back to Summersville.

Countless police cars provided an escort.  Several different groups of first responders also took part.  Along Route 79 first responders lined overpasses to show support.

Corporal Ellison says that he has felt the prayers of the people and they have been a blessing.