JOHNSON COUNTY, KY (WOWK) — On Monday, dozens of Stacia Collins’ closest friends and family members were in tears as they said their final goodbyes to the young 12-year-old girl they say was taken from them too soon.

“It’s sad, you can’t ever deal with it,” said Collins’ best friend Hayley Oiler. “I miss talking to her every day. Now I can’t talk to her about anything. It’s just sad.”

Collins was many things, a daughter, niece and cousin, but to 12-year-old Oiler, she was a best friend.

“She would watch scary movies with me all the time, used to go to my house all the time,” Oiler said. “She would always try and make me laugh, like if I was crying, she would always make me laugh.”

Last week, that laughter disappeared when Collins went missing and investigators later found her dead.

“I don’t know what to do honestly,” Oiler said. “I started crying really badly and stuff. When I thought she was missing, I tried to talk to her and stuff because it said she was online.”

Oiler is now left with memories of the girl who loved music and scary movies, but most importantly, loved her and was a friend she could always count on.

“She was an awesome person,” Oiler said. “She liked doing a lot of stuff. She was there for everybody. She was there for me through a lot — when my mom died, when my grandma died, stuff like that.”

Collins was laid to rest in Pikeville next to her grandma, great grandma and brother.

The investigation into Collins’ death is still ongoing.