MIDDLEPORT, OHIO (WOWK) — We first brought you the story of John Michael Gomez around two weeks ago, when his body was found in a ditch off of Carson Road in Mason County.

Now, family and friends of John Michael Gomez are speaking out.

“It’s gonna be hard, you know? I go at night time to send him a text message which we did every night to tell him I love him, and I realize that that opportunity has been taken from me,” says Racquel Miller, who is Michael’s mother.

It’s a family’s worst nightmare — finding out that a loved one has been killed, and left by the side of the road.

“It’s not human, to be able to take somebody’s life like that, and just walk away. Or, run away. And try to hide from it,” says William Scarbury, a close friend of Michael.

On March 8th, Mason County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a suspicious death call on Carson Road near Mason, West Virginia.

By March 9th, they had identified the victim as 30-year-old John Michael Gomez of Middleport, Ohio, who friends and family affectionately called Michael, and ‘Gomez.’

“My reaction immediately was shock, and overall gut-wrenching sadness…It’s been unbelievable to lose your buddy, friend, your cousin….someone’s child, someone’s dad, someone’s friend. It’s been very very awful,” says Catherine Haggy, who is Michael’s cousin.

On Wednesday, more than two weeks after the crime, 24-year-old Rikki Parsons-Wise of Racine, Ohio, was arrested in Cleveland for first degree murder.

32-year-old Bobby Lee Wolford of Cleveland — already in custody on unrelated charges — was also arrested for first degree murder.

“I feel relieved that they’re behind bars and that Michael will get his justice,” Miller says.

“Michael was everyone’s buddy. He was everyone’s true friend. And it’s a great answer to prayers knowing that my buddy, my friend is going to get his justice,” Haggy says.

While friends and family of Michael say these arrests have brought them some level of comfort, there are still many unanswered questions.

“I’d like to know why. Why did you have to take his life? ‘Cause they took more than his life; they took so much from his family, his friends, and everybody that knew him. I mean, he was just a happy, joyful person, and kind and friendly. I just ask them, ‘why?'” Scarbury says.

“Maybe we’ll come to some type of reasoning why they did this to him. Because Michael would have given you anything he had–if it was money, or whatever. If they would’ve just asked and he could’ve did it, he would have given it to them,” Miller says.

“I hope that the people who took his life understand what they’ve done. The weight that it carries. And that it can’t be undone. And that for Michael, for all the days that he will be missed, all the memories he’ll miss, and how much he’ll be missed,” Haggy says.

Gomez is survived by his family and friends, his wife, and his four children.

West Virginia State Police say the extradition process for Parsons-Wise is already in-process, and she could be back in the Mountain State within weeks.

They say Wolford will remain in Ohio until his other charges are satisfied, and then he will be extradited as well.

This is a developing story, and 13 News will continue to update you on-air and online as we learn more.