HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Reconstruction of the deadly accident where a 13-year-old girl was hit and killed by an off-duty deputy Friday night is expected to happen Thursday morning.

“We have specialized equipment that will be set up and they’ll take the measurements, the pictures and stuff from the scene and they can enter them into a computer. And this thing will basically map out the scene as if you were there at the actual scene,” explained Sergeant B.K. Wellman with the West Virginia State Police.

In addition to that, another big part of the case is expected to be revealed to officials Thursday when the black box from the cruiser is downloaded.

That’s expected to show the speed Deputy Jeffery Racer was traveling through the intersection at 5th avenue and 31st street, where the accident took place. But officials also say, there’s still a possibility that information could come back “inconclusive.”

“It takes some type of triggering event – like an airbag deployment or something like that. Unfortunately, in this case, the airbag did not deploy so there is a chance that it did not record. But we won’t know until it’s actually hooked up,” Wellman continues.

The speed limit along that area of US-60 is 35 mph.  

In the meantime, troopers will continue their investigation – where they say the deputy was not intoxicated say he passed two breathalyzer tests and a field sobriety test.

They also add that witnesses have told them the light was green when Deputy Racer went through the intersection.

As of now, Racer isn’t facing any charges and officials say – if this is deemed an accident – this incident is not a “jail-binding offense.”