JACKSON COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — The Ripley Volunteer Fire Department encourages those affected by the recent Jackson County flooding to fill out an assistance survey from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The survey will help the State of West Virginia and FEMA analyze the needs of Jackson County residents after the flooding.

Individuals can scan the QR code by opening their camera and hitting the link that appears. The form can also be accessed by clicking this link to the WV Emergency Management Division (WVEMD) website.

How to submit an application:

  1. Open the camera application on a cellphone and place it directly over the QR Code.
  2. Once the image focuses, click the link that appears. It will direct you to a website to fill out a survey.
  3. Once the survey is submitted, the information will go to the WVEMD database.
  4. Submit only one survey per household.
  5. WVEMD will reach out if any additional information is needed.
(Photo courtesy of WVEMD)

The form applies to all Jackson County residents.

The City of Ripley is providing computers to anyone who needs to fill out the survey and does not have online access.