CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—Former assistant director of Yeager Airport, Dominique Ranieri was nominated to become Executive Director after the airport’s board accepted Nick Keller’s resignation.

She will be the airport’s first female Executive Director and will assume the role immediately.

“I’m honored to be the first female airport director that WV International Yeager Airport has seen,” Ranieri said. “I think that will bring a whole different perspective, it can’t help but not. I think that we are already set on such a trajectory that it’ll be easy just to keep moving forward.”

On Sunday, 13 News reported that Keller submitted his resignation. The reason for Keller’s resignation is still unknown.

Ed Hill, Yeager Airport Board Chairman, said it is the their policy not to discuss “personnel matters,” but the board has great confidence in the new leadership.

“It is with great sadness that he is leaving us, but that left us with a choice of where to go from here,” Hill said. “As you saw from the vote the board was 100% in endorsement of elevating her to this position and to pay her the same salary that he was receiving.”

Having worked at Yeager for five years, Ranieri said this is a role she’s ready to take on.

“I am humbled and honored that the board feels that I am the person to carry forward the momentum that our airport is seeing today,” she said. “I’m excited and up for the challenge.”

According to a press release from Yeager Airport, prior to joining the airport in 2017, Ranieri practiced law in West Virginia at two national law firms. In 2021, she was honored as one of The State Journal’s Generation Next: 40 Under 40, and in 2022, Ranieri became a Certified Member (C.M.) of the American Association of Airport Executives, a designation that signifies “diverse knowledge of the primary functions of airport operations.”