FLOYD COUNTY, KY (WOWK) – The arraignment for a man accused of killing three police officers and a K-9 in Floyd County has been postponed due to flooding.

According to Commonwealth Attorney Brent Turner, Lance Storz was set to be arraigned yesterday, Aug. 1, but last week’s flooding impacted residents who work in the Floyd County Courthouse and the building is currently closed.

A new arraignment date for Storz has not yet been rescheduled.

Storz is accused in the tragic June 30 shooting in Allen, Kentucky that killed Floyd County Deputy William Petry, Prestonsburg Police Captain Ralph Frasure, Prestonsburg Police Officer Jacob Chaffins and Floyd County K-9 Drago. The shooting also injured Constable Gary Wolfe, Floyd County Deputy Darrin Lawson and Floyd County Emergency Management Director Joe Reynolds. One other person was injured, but they were not identified.

On Monday July 11, a grand jury indicted Storz on the following 20 counts:

  • Count 1: Capital Offense
  • Count 2: Capital Offense
  • Count 3: Capital Offense
  • Count 4: Class B Felony
  • Count 5: Class B Felony
  • Count 6: Attempted Murder Class B Felony
  • Count 7: Attempted Murder Class B Felony
  • Count 8: Attempted Murder Class B Felony
  • Count 9: Attempted Murder Class B Felony
  • Count 10: Attempted Murder Class B Felony
  • Count 11: Attempted Murder Class B Felony
  • Count 12: Class D Felony
  • Count 13: Class D Felony
  • Count 14: Class D Felony
  • Count 15: Class D Felony
  • Count 16: Class D Felony
  • Count 17: Class D Felony
  • Count 18: Class D Felony
  • Count 19: Class D Felony
  • Count 20: Class A Misdemeanor

Capital offenses in Kentucky are punishable anywhere from 20 years in prison without parole up to the death penalty.