FLOYD CO, KY (WOWK) – After a two-week hiatus due to the historic flooding that hit eastern Kentucky in late July, Floyd County schools officially start back Wednesday, August 24th.

In Wayland, one of the hardest hit during the recent flood, people have been completely displaced, volunteers have been in and out, and others are just now getting back on their feet.

There are mixed reactions on if the school year starting back right now would be ideal for students, but the mayor of Wayland, Jerry Fultz, says he thinks it’s a bit too soon for some people.

“We still have homes that are being mucked out, there are still mud in some of these homes. Some have moved past that and they’re actually tearing out the flooring – the sheetrock, all of the damages that were done after they remove all the furniture and appliances that they lost,” said Fultz.

He says in addition to that, there are still people with no drinking water and some roads are still closed off in the area.

Still, one community member says he thinks this will be a big help to parents.

“This is almost an impossible situation by itself, let alone adding the responsibility of trying to keep your kids safe while this scenario is here. You have too many easy ways they can get hurt and that way it gives them a safe spot and lets you work at the same time,” explained Floyd County resident Curtis Lee.

The mayor says with all that still needs to get done, he knows there are a few people that would benefit from a few more weeks, but he does thinks it will be good for the kids to quickly get back into the schools.