FLOYD CO., KY (WOWK) – With the start of the school year in Floyd County being pushed back, the superintendent says the school district has a little more time to figure out bus routes.

Due to the storm damage, a few of the routes typically taken by the buses may be changing or being cut completely.

Superintendent of Floyd County Schools Anna Shephard says the transportation departments have been out checking roads, and they’re working now on the areas most hit.

“We see this with weather, we see this with families now with people saying, ‘I’m able to get my vehicle out’ or if we’re able to drive a truck or an SUV up a road, they think we can put a bus on that road. But, you can’t always run a bus load of kids on a road that you might be able to take a car on,” said Shephard.

Many parents in the community say they aren’t sure how they would get their child to school without the bus, so they’re just hoping a solution for everyone is made.

“They would have to walk out of the holler. And they would have to meet up at the main road and there’s a lot of parents that don’t even have gas to take them out there,” said Floyd County resident Nancy Sparkman.

A former teacher says even as an advocate for education, she believes pushing back the school year start date to ensure those routes are safe is the best decision.

“I think we have to keep the safety of the kids in mind, number one. And with roads washed out, I don’t see how buses can even run,” said Mrs. Fultc, a former Floyd County teacher.

The superintendent says the county will make the final decision on what roads will be safe for those buses to travel before Wednesday, Aug. 24 – when the school year is now expected to start.