FLOYD, KY (WOWK) — Many homes in Floyd County sit vacant right now as people have evacuated following last week’s storms, but one resident decided to stick it out to deal with the damages.

Janice Davis owns five mobile homes in the Cow Creek area where families with around 30 children collectively were all displaced during the flood.

The homes now sit with mildew, possible molding, and electrical and structural damages that Davis says will cost her around $200,000 to fix.

Davis says it hasn’t been easy spending the week working on the homes because although, “the water’s back on” she says she still doesn’t “have the telephone, cable or internet.” She says she’s had no form of communication this entire week.

Davis says even with another week of rain coming her way, she’s planning to remain where she is.

“You can’t stop the rain, there’s no plans,” Davis said. “So, unless another six inches comes, we could probably handle it. Hopefully, the good Lord stops this rain to give us a little bit of a break here. There’s a lot of corruption in the world — maybe this is how we’re getting paid back for it.”