CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Garrison Avenue on Charleston’s west side, will now be known as the honorary ‘Patrolman Cassie Johnson Avenue.’ Officer Johnson’s end of watch took place on the same avenue 7 months ago.

“So this was the area where she knew best. And actually asked to come and work this side of town because it’s the side of town where she felt most comfortable with. She felt she could do the most good because she knows everybody,” said Charleston Police Chief Tyke Hunt.

Family and friends came out to see the unveiling and continue to honor her sacrifices.

Lt. Jamey Noland was her supervisor the day officer Johson was shot, he says he wants her legacy to live on in the community. “She lit up the room when she came in. She was a fireball. She was a fantastic officer, even though she was a younger officer on the department, she learned so quickly.”

Hunt says that Cassie was a hero and that this sign is a way to carry on her name for the selfless acts she contributed to Charleston.

“I want to make sure that we take this tragedy of losing an officer and turning in the chance to remember that officer for her selfless acts, for her heroism. For just wanting to come to work everyday with a smile. That is what I hope to come from all of this. Is just to remember Patrolman Cassie Johnson with a long standing tribute, here on the street where her end of watch occurred and look back on the services she provided.”

Chief Tyke Hunt, Charleston Police Department

This is just another way the city continues to honor officer Johnson. Earlier this year they dedicated a dog park called ‘Emma’s Place’ in honor of and her dog because she was a humane officer before joining the Charleston Police Department.