CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The prices at the pump keep rising and so does the public’s anger. And aside from the impact on your wallet, there could be political fallout as well.

Gas prices are now well past $4 dollars per gallon in all 50 states, with no sign of relief in sight. West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is among the many critics who say the White House moving away from fossil fuels is part of the problem and that the U.S. could be energy independent.

One political analyst predicts incumbent office holders may feel the wrath of voters over gas prices.

“Them you add regular inflation on top of that, it’s pretty hard for the average West Virginian to make it. And, therefore, I think it’s a big impact in the election,” said Tom Susman, a political analyst at TSG Consulting.

“There’s no way on God’s earth that this country can function, and this world can function today without fossil fuels. There’s no way. There is no way,” said Justice.

Drivers, who also vote, clearly are not happy.

“I mean my life will change drastically. I go to WVU, but I’m an out of state student. And I’m from five-and-a-half hours away, so that drive is not cheap even when gas prices were low,” said Hope Talbert, a driver.

“I’m not really enjoying it too much honestly. Filling up my car, lucking my car is kind of fuel efficient so it’s not as bad as some of my friends. But it’s not fun,” said Jed Sammons, a driver.

The governor says he would consider temporarily suspending the states 35-cents per gallon gas tax, but the legislature must take up that action first. But Justice worries that lifting the gas tax, will hurt West Virginia in the long-run since that money is used for improving and maintaining roads.