Gott Love: The young, married couple on a six-month road trip of the US

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A young couple is on a full-time, six month road trip touring the U.S. They are documenting their trip through video blogs or vlogs.

One of them even happens to be a local from our Tri-State.

As our cameras began to roll, their’s were already on. Meet Kyle and Makenna Gott.

They got married back in 2014 while Kyle was still in the Air Force. Their wedding day also marked the day of their first YouTube video.

“The whole time we’ve been married, we’ve been planning this road trip,” said Makenna.

“We had told ourselves when we first got married, ‘we’re gonna travel,’ and we knew one of the biggest things of that is finances, so we started planning years ago,” said Kyle.

They’ve recently started a six month road trip of our nation and are in the Tri-State for Christmas as this is where Makenna was born and raised.

The Symmes Valley native says she hopes she can inspire those in the area. “I feel like a lot of people [in the Tri-State] feel like they can’t do it, they can’t get out there,” said Makenna. “We are just trying to show people that if you set your mind to it, plan it, get out there and do it, then you can make an adventure out of it.”

This is an adventure they’re not taking much on. They are riding through the country in a Chevrolet Subarban, which features a full-size bed that Kyle built into the back of the truck.

Makenna says they have a bed in their car in case they can’t find a place to stay. They also bring an air mattress with them if friends are able to host them on their journey. Many of those friends, being their subscribers on their YouTube channel.

“It’s different having everyone know what you’re doing, but at the same time you get to share those experiences, and it’s like having a big group of friends in a way,” said Kyle. “We have people that we can talk to all over the world and all over the country.”

Through their YouTube channel, they’ve reached thousands. Over 72 thousand to be more specific. But now, Makenna is encouraging people in the Tri-State area to embark on a journey of their own.

“You should travel your own backyard. This is something I didn’t do growing up,” she said. “Look around in your own backyard and that’s a great place to start. Plan ahead, and it is really a lot easier than people think it is.”

As they go from city to city, they are sometimes able to stay with some of their subscribers, which begs the question of whether or not they’ve run into someone that is dangerous. Kyle says this has not been the case.

“A lot of it comes down to the world isn’t as scary as a lot of people think,” he said. “Just open your mind to that there’s a lot of good people out there and that if you don’t branch out, you’re not [going to] meet those good people.”

If anything, Kyle and Makenna say there’s one big lesson here. “Don’t let your ind tell you that it can’t happen. I would sit around and think that basically what I’m doing right now is impossible,” said Makenna. “We can show people that it’s possible.”

So, pack your bags, fill up your cars, and head on an adventure of your own.

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