CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Gov. Jim Justice has released a statement regarding his personal income tax cut bill dying in the West Virginia State Senate.

In a press release, he says:

“I continue to believe with all in me that West Virginia can be like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee – with a booming economy and population, built on people moving into states with no personal income tax. We have the best people, best natural resources, four of the best seasons, and are located within a rock’s throw of two-thirds of our country’s population. Without a personal income tax, our potential is limitless.”

Gov. Jim Justice (R) West Virginia

Gov. Justice proposed a 10% personal income tax reduction on July 6, which he says would put $254 million, “back into the hands of the people of West Virginia.”

The West Virginia House passed the income tax cut bill 78-7 on Thursday.

Just one day later, the bill proposed stalled in the state Senate.

Senate President Craig Blair has decided not to hold a vote on the tax cut bill. He tells 13 News that he wants to wait until November when voters will decide whether to give the state legislature the authority to eliminate the state’s personal property tax and the business and inventory tax.

He said the state cannot afford to eliminate those as well as cut the state income tax, but, if the ballot measure that would give the legislature such authority does not pass in November, the legislature could revisit the income tax cut proposal.

The proposed tax cut would have been retroactive to Jan. 1, 2022, and Gov. Justice said it would have put $254 million back into the pockets of West Virginians.