MINGO COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Mingo County is one of the six counties in the state of West Virginia given a State of Emergency declaration last week after the intense rainfall. Some areas were hit hard again less than a week later.

Monday morning, neighbors on Gilbert Creek Road experienced a second round of flash flooding, prompting a visit from Governor Jim Justice.

Gov. Justice took a tour of the area noticing properties where bridges over the creek have been damaged or completely swept away. The destruction continues down the creek as debris from multiple homes can be seen in several spots along the bank, forcing residents to make repairs each time it floods.

Those who live in the area say situations like this can be avoided if the creeks were cleaned regularly and possibly dredged. “They haven’t been dredged since 2001,” says neighbor Nathaniel Ellis.

Governor Justice says after seeing this firsthand and hearing neighbors’ concerns, he believes this is a problem that can be fixed, but it will take more than one person to get it done.

“It’s going to have to involve the DEP, it’s going to have to involve Fish and Wildlife, the state, FEMA, everybody,” the governor said Monday afternoon. Gov. Justice also says relief funding could be on its way for those affected to help rebuild and replace what was lost.

As this process moves forward, locals say all they can do now is wait. Fortunately, there were no deaths reported in Mingo County during these cases of flash flooding.