CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) – Little Cameron woke up on the day of his 5th birthday party eager to share presents and fun with all of his friends

“7 a.m. yesterday it was ‘today’s my birthday party mommy, can we go?'” says Cameron’s mom Katijo Zornes.

Decorations were up and the pizza and cake were ready to eat, but then a mom’s worst nightmare came true.

“Nobody showed up. We had everything set up and ready to go,” says Zornes.

Fifty invitations were sent out to Cameron’s preschool friends, and an hour into the party, the park was still empty.

“My kid was at the end of the road at Marmet Park flagging people down trying to get them to come in and I looked at Brady and said I can’t do this…I am going to fix this.”

Cameron’s mom said she did the only thing she could think of. She posted this in a community Facebook page:

“I checked with my shift commander, Lt. Harrison and without hesitation, he gave me the green light to get a few guys and run down there and help this little boy celebrate his birthday,” says Charleston Police Officer Sgt. S. M. Webb. 

Charleston Police saved the day by quickly responding to the party with lights, sirens and birthday gifts they picked out and paid for – all police themed of course.

“He got over there, and they started talking to him and I was a mess over in the corner,” adds the ecstatic Zornes.

A little boy’s heartbreak quickly turned into excitement after Charleston Police, Marmet Firefighters and Kanawha County EMS all made a birthday appearance. 

“He lit up almost as much as our lights did,” says Sgt. Webb. 

At the end of the night, Cameron ended up with about 30 kids at his party, birthday wishes from across the country and memories to last a lifetime.

“This is Charleston and we all look out for each other that is what is so great about working here,” adds Webb.