LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Family, friends and community members are heartbroken over the loss of John Nagle, who was one of six victims killed in the Huey helicopter crash in Logan County.

John’s younger brother, James Nagle, says John’s love for flying all started in his hometown thanks to a family friend.

“When he showed up, he told John sorry I’m late I was flying with a student,” said Nagle. “John just lit up after that. They talked and that was it, he started taking flying lessons and spent basically 90% of his money on flying lessons and became a private pilot at that point.”

James says his brother fell in love with all things aviation at a young age.

John was on board inside the Vietnam-era Huey on Wednesday for an event that was close to his heart, as his father was a veteran.

“That event I think was special to so many people,” said Nagle. “John would tell me that it was just so amazing to see so many of those old veterans’ eyes light up whenever they got there.”

James says John will always be remembered as a kind, loving family man, whose love for aviation was infectious.

“Talking to him about it made you want to do and it was just that way about anything,” said Nagle. “He was a genuinely good person. He cared for people. He cared for people’s happiness and he just really wanted to see people happy and flying is what made him most happy, so he wanted to share that.”

His passion for flight lives on through his son Jaewon, who’s training to be a commercial pilot. He’s just one of the many John inspired.

“John was an amazing person who I looked up to,” said Nagle. “I think a lot of people looked up to him and he just made the world a better place. It’s going to be tough figuring out how to move on.”