KENOVA, WV (WOWK) — It’s been more than a year since the city of Kenova’s only grocery store was set on fire and residents are still dealing with the loss, but hope is on the horizon.

“It’s hurt us a lot,” said Kenova Mayor, Timothy Bias. “The people here in town were good about using the store, they enjoyed coming here. It was close, convenient, they had good produce, good meats. It was a real blow to our area.”

A local business owner bought the property and construction is underway.

“The anticipation is crazy, everyone is waiting for this place to open,” said Kenova resident, Tyler Bustetter. “I live right around the street, so Save-A-Lot being here is great. I can walk around the corner if I need something.”

While there’s no food on the shelves yet, residents are already seeing the progress.

“It’ll be nice to go in your own store in your own town,” said Mayor Bias.

The store has been around for generations and is one the community relied on.

“We came here all the time,” said frequent shopper, Hannah Cyrus. “We liked coming here, our closest one is way out Wayne, closer to Wayne Walmart. It’s much closer and convenient to come to this one.”

Mayor Bias says they are still waiting for an official opening date, but he’s hoping it will reopen at the end of August. He says they are planning to have it open by the end of the year.