HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – In the earlier months of the pandemic, the Cabell County School District received over $69 million in federal stimulus funding.

The district said they would put that money toward many different programs for the children in the schools.

One program is specifically geared toward helping children get back on track after many struggled during the virtual months of the school year.

The schools are almost ending year two of allocations for the funding, and they say they’ve been able to hit on projects like summer school needs and new hires across the board.

“We’ve actually hired 115 additional staff members in Cabell County to address learning loss as well as address our facility needs – from extra custodial support, nurses – we have a nurse for every single school – we’ve been able to make sure the social, emotional needs of our students are being met with additional counselors,” said Ryan Saxe, the Superintendent for the Cabell County School District.

Now they say they’re applying for grants to ensure, when this funding is all used, they have more to keep the progress going.

“It’s unfortunate that the pandemic occurred, but the federal dollars that we received are things that help enable us to do the things we know we need to be able to do for our students,” said Saxe.

The school district now has plans to renovate some schools to add outdoor learning facilities and use the funding to ensure all heating and air conditioning in the buildings are up-to-par.