HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – While some groups on both sides of the abortion debate say they are already beginning to see the impact of the supreme court’s decision, others say they’re preparing for what’s to come.

One counseling service in Ohio says more people are coming in from Kentucky and West Virginia, where most abortions have stopped.

They say they’ve received more calls and appointments and they expect to see those numbers going up in the near future. 

“There might be an uptick in people coming to us for services and we’re not going to do anything differently. However, many people come to us, is how many people we’ll serve,” explained Beckie Clere, the Center Services Director for Two Hearts.

The Rape Crisis Center, an organization in West Virginia that offers counseling and help for rape victims in Huntington, says they will also see changes in the near future.

They say although they would never push a victim one way or the other, forcing a victim of rape to carry a baby to full term is a step backward.  

“I was 25 50 years ago when this came about, so I feel like I’ve fought this battle once, and now I have to fight it again for my granddaughter. Things haven’t changed significantly in just a few days, it will change significantly over time. And we will do everything in our power to help survivors find and get what they need,” explained Sharon Pressman, the Executive Director for CONTACT Rape Crisis Center.

They say, right now, they’re waiting to see just how their operations will be affected and what changes they will have to make.