CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Residents across the region are bracing the cold these next couple of days, which might mean higher energy bills.

Even in the midst of freezing temperatures, Appalachian Power said there are several ways you can keep your home warm without breaking the bank.

According to AEP, 25% of energy used to heat your home escapes through air leaks. One way you can conserve heat is to apply weather strips to doors and windows.

“Every degree higher than 68 degrees is going to add about 3 to 5% on your energy bill and you have to think, you know, the air inside is competing with the air outside as your HVAC unit is trying to warm the unit that is coming inside your home,” said Karen Wissing, AEP spokesperson. “So, you want to keep that as low as you can around 68-69 and just bundle up.” 

Other ways you can save energy include closing your blinds at night, changing your furnace filters every month and installing a humidifier.

According to AEP, if you set your humidifier to 35% to 40% humidity in the winter, your home will feel warmer at a lower temperature setting.

For more energy saving tips, visit AEP’s website.