CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — These last few days, everyone’s fans and air conditioning systems have been working overtime.

“It’s hard to do without these days,” said Charleston HVAC specialist Jerry Hilbert.

At a time when prices are going up on just about everything, keeping the AC running can also mean your bank account is running low.

“It’s getting more expensive all the time,” continued Hilbert.

Today, 13 news spoke with a few HVAC specialists to learn how you can keep the cool air in and money in your pocket.

“Close your curtains, and try to keep the sun from baking through a window. It’s like a magnifying glass. Use a fan. Try to use a fan,” said Charleston HVAC specialist Jay Marino. “Another thing we tell people is change your filters. Change them every thirty days during these heat waves and these crises.”

Now, something HVAC specialists said you shouldn’t do to save money is turn your AC off.

“You don’t want the house to just heat up and then try to pull all of that heat out because it’s hard for the system to do that in any normal time,” Hilbert said.

If you’re going on vacation, just turn it up a few degrees, and when you’re home, specialists say set your thermometer 15 degrees cooler than outside temperatures.

“If it gets really up into the 90s and 100s, if it’s keeping 75, 78, then it’s probably doing it all can really do,” Hilbert said.

If you do have to call someone like Hilbert or Marino, they said do it sooner, rather than later.

“If something is rattling and it doesn’t sound quite right, don’t put it off,” Marino said. “Call the first time you hear it and that will give us the opportunity to come and check it and if something needs to be ordered we have more time.”