CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Most of West Virginia is a big hunting state. The owner of Milam’s Custom Meat, Adam Milam says he is seeing more activity this season than he has ever seen before.

“And it has been non-stop busy. More deer I’ve seen in the past three days than any other year that I’ve been doing this,” says Milam.

After hunters catch deer, bears, or other types of game, it is brought to small businesses like Milam’s for meat processing.

“I got a deer and a bear in the same day. It’s just something everybody loves, especially if you’re from West Virginia,” said Roger Bryant, bow hunter.

Milam says the processing begins with skinning and then cleaning.

“It’ll go in the cooler, and it’ll hang in the cooler for a couple days; let all the blood drain out of it, and then we cut it up in the processing room, vacuum seal it, freeze it, and then we call you and tell you it’s ready,” said Milam.

Some hunters take their meat home once it is fully processed. Others like Milam donate meat through the charity, Hunters for the Hungry to help those who are in need.

“It’s good. People that lose their jobs and need food and don’t have the money to buy it, they can call Mountaineer Food Bank, and they will bring it to them or they can go pick it up at their store,’ said Milam.

Last year, Milam’s custom meat donated 6,000 lbs. of deer meat to charity. This year Milam says he expects to donate even more.