Huntington child care providers had the chance to gain ‘hands on experience’ to prepare for a scary situation. 

It was all part of the Institute for Childhood Preparedness‘s Active Shooter Training.The course is designed to provide information to educate child care professionals on effective response strategies during an active shooter situation.

Andrew Roszak is the President of the Insitute for Childhood Prepardness. He travels around the country teaching training to childcare providers. His classes focus on preparing for those that work in daycares of nursey school programs that cater to young children. 

The Institute is the first and only company that has specifically designed these trainings for early childcare providers. Since March of 2019, they have trained over 8,000 early childhood professionals across 15 states and 9 tribal nations. The motto is “Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared.” 

“We’re talking about the youngest of the young,” Roszak told 13 News. “The plan for these young kids and their care givers is very different than when you are dealing with older kids or teens.”

Roszak provided tools and techniques. Saturday’s program also included hands-on experiences with practice barracading doors to keep students safe and a possible gunman out.