HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — The Huntington community came together Saturday to provide recovery assistance after Friday’s flooding.

Huntington and Cabell County officials and volunteers were out doing what they could to make the process run smoothly.

“We’re handing out brooms, mops, cleaning kits and bleach. I think there is 250 kits that we handed out. I don’t know how many I’m getting but whatever I get will be handed out,” explained Gordon Merry, the Cabell County EMS Director.

Health officials were also out giving tetanus shots to residents who needed it and one resident – who’s new to the area – says it’s nice to know the community has her back.

“We just moved to the area. It’s our first time having a basement that has flooded and knowing that there’s stuff that Huntington is out here providing cleaning supplies, trying to find any way to help. I don’t need a tetanus shot, but I’m so grateful that they’re doing things like that for those that need that too,” explained Huntington resident, Naomi Wilson.

Officials said because of the severity of everything, they all had to be quick with getting the help together.

“It hit yesterday, last night we worked and got the stuff loaded on the trucks and we’re here this morning at 10 o’clock,” explained Merry.

A leader of one of the churches in the area says it was a rough night but, with the help of volunteers and the community, they are finally beginning to see things turn around.

“I was called about 10 o’clock because the water was coming up, but the basement was dry, about an hour later I was called and told the water was starting to rise, and then an hour later I was told the basement is flooding. Now, we have 10 guys from the life hack recovery center. They came about 10 a.m. and have been working diligently since then,” explained John Yeager, the pastor of Enslow Park Presbyterian Church.

Cabell County officials say if anyone missed the event today, they will be hosting another one in Enslow Park Sunday at 9:30 a.m.