HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Tri-State residents met at Ritter Park in Huntington on Saturday to rally against the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

“We’re fighting, we’re challenging the 1882 abortion ban,” said Katie Quinonez, the Executive Director of Women’s Health Center in West Virginia.

People of all ages came out. There were informational tables and contraceptives free and available for people, and many came out to share personal stories.

There were also tables set up for people to register to vote, which officials say is just the start.

“There are really so many other things that we need people to do. Donate to abortion funds, fund and donate to independent clinics like the Women’s Health Clinic of West Virginia,” explained Quinonez.

She says that the overturn and pausing of abortions at their facility have been hard on everyone.

“We’ve been having to refer every single West Virginian out of state – so they’re going to either Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, or North Carolina. Some people quickly resolve to get out of state, we have other patients that are in disbelief who say “please,’” said Quinonez.

One resident says many don’t know how serious this issue is.

“When I was three, my mom was pregnant with my sister and then found out that she had stage 2 breast cancer. There was immediate talk of possible termination in the event that it became too life-threatening for her,” said resident, Hanna Davis.

She says although the termination didn’t have to happen, she’s happy she had the choice.

“In the event that it had to, if it were today, it truly scares me that she wouldn’t have access to the healthcare she needed and I would’ve grown up without a mom,” Davis explained.

The rally ended with a march in downtown Huntington, and officials say this is not the end.