HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK)—A man is facing charges after allegedly hitting a 14-year-old child with his Jeep in Huntington.

A criminal complaint says that 34-year-old Matthew Wayne Jenkins, of Huntington, was driving in the area of Darnell Rd. and Braxton Dr. in Huntington when he struck the child who was trying to cross the road.

The complaint says Jenkins fled at first but then returned to the area later. He never stopped to check on the victim, according to the complaint.

“He just kept going like he didn’t care. [My son] deserves justice for what the man did to him, but I just want him to get better. He’s missing school, if he gets back into sports – he may never even be able to play sports again,” said the victim’s mother, Tabitha Burd.

The victim was taken to Cabell Huntington Hospital and was admitted for his injuries.

“I remember falling in slow motion – it was weird. And then I remember hitting the ground and opening my eyes and then I tried to stand up and I couldn’t breathe for a second – it knocked the wind out of me. It felt like it took forever and then once the police people got there everything sped up really fast and the next thing I know I was in a neck brace,” explained the victim, Christopher Andrews.

The complaint says that deputies found Jenkins on Darnell Rd. and that he refused to tell them his name and ignored commands to put his hands behind his back. After he was restrained, deputies said they observed the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath as well as slurred speech.

Jenkins refused a preliminary breath test and a secondary chemical breath test. A search warrant was obtained to draw his blood to determine alcohol content.

Jenkins is charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing serious bodily injury and obstructing an officer.