UPDATE (2:26 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20): The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said that they did receive a call about this incident, but they were not able to locate the suspect, the suspect’s vehicle or the complainant.

They say that a complainant called their dispatch center, but she told them that she did not wish to file a report. In an update to their Facebook post, the sheriff’s office says they tried to reach back out to the complainant, but the phone number she used is now disconnected and belongs to a man in California with a different name.

They also say that worked with a security supervisor at Kroger, and they could not find any video evidence of the situation described in the Facebook post that’s been circulating around the area.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office says they do not think there is a threat to the public.

TEAYS VALLEY, WV (WOWK) – The mayor of Hurricane is warning shoppers to be on their guard when shopping at the Teays Valley Kroger after reports of an alleged suspicious vehicle spotted in the parking lot.

Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards says he reached out to Kroger after seeing a concerned citizen post on Facebook warning others to be careful after an experience she had in the store’s parking lot. In the post, the woman said she and her husband had gone to the Kroger in Teays Valley on separate nights and said they both saw a mud-covered black Dodge Ram parked “crooked” near the back of the parking lot.

According to the mayor, the woman said the occupant of the vehicle turned the headlights on her as she got near her vehicle. She said it gave her an unsettling feeling and “semi-blinded” her. She said she hurried into her car and the driver then turned off the headlights.

Edwards says the post continued to say, on a different night, the woman’s husband witnessed the driver do the same to another woman, who had her back to the Dodge Ram putting groceries in her own vehicle.

According to the post, the husband saw the driver get out of the vehicle allegedly as though he intended to approach her, but the post stated the man got back into the vehicle after seeing that the poster’s husband intended to intervene.

Edwards says since seeing the post, he has been in contact with the Kroger Corporate Affairs Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Division, and the Teays Valley Kroger’s local management and asset protection teams have been made aware. He says the store is working with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office regarding the situation.

The mayor is urging anyone who witnesses this behavior at the store or anywhere to immediately call 911.