HURRICANE, WV (WOWK) — Construction on the city of Hurricane’s skate park is expected to be complete by February.

Mayor Scott Edwards tells 13 news that he’s hearing from kids and adults about the $700,000 project that is happening at Hurricane City Park.

“So many parents have said they are happy as they normally have to travel to other cities in other states to take their kids skate boarding and to use their scooters and now they can just take them to Hurricane City Park. We also feel this will complement the Meeks Mountain Trails as those traveling to use our trail system may have kids that skate, which will hopefully be another reason for them to stay in Hurricane an extra night or two, where they will eat and shop right here in town.  Lots more coming in the next few years for kids and adults, all to keep everyone outside and active,” Mayor Edwards said.

The city broke ground on the project in early October.

Drone footage shot for the city shows the project is starting to take shape.