JACKSON, OH (WOWK) – The Jackson Police Department in Ohio says they will be actively patroling the streets during the Apple Festival for illegally blocked off parking.

According to JPD Chief Brett Hinsch, they often see objects blocking street parking in front of homes and businesses such as cones, chairs, ropes, recycling bins, saw horses, etc. placed by people “reserving” the parking space. However, Hinsch says this is actually illegal to do and his officers will be enforcing this law.

“Street parking is public parking and, regardless of the proximity to your property, you don’t own it or get to control who parks there,” Hinsch said in a Facebook post.

The JPD says any street obstructions will be impounded and officers may issue citations.

Hinsch also reminds festival-goers to be respectful of people’s private property and not park on private property without permission. He also reminds people not to park in front of driveways.

“JPD spends so much time during the Apple Festival answering parking complaints that could be easily avoided if everyone just took the time to be mindful and respectful,” Hinsch said.

The 81st Annual Apple Festival runs from Sept. 20-24, 2022.