CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Governor Jim Justice says he’s not giving up on the idea of a state income tax cut. Justice made his remarks today during his COVID-19 briefing.

Last week, the governor summoned the legislature to the capitol for a special session on a tax cut proposal, but then added the abortion issue to the session.

Neither matter was resolved and lawmakers went home. Both sides hope something can be worked out, at least on taxes.

“No matter what the circumstance may be, I just can’t imagine that we especially as Republicans, walked away from giving our people an incredibly big tax cut, or putting money back in their pockets,” said Gov. Jim Justice, (R) West Virginia.

“We think that at this point inflation has gotten so bad and so out of hand, that any relief is good relief for West Virginians,” said Del. Doug Skaff, (D) Kanawha – Minority Leader.

The governor says he’s also willing to consider an alternate proposal from Senate Republicans that could eliminate the state’s business inventory taxes, and well as the personal property taxes on cars.

Voters will weigh in on that issue in a November ballot initiative.