KANAWHA CITY, WV (WOWK) – Torn up roads, heavy equipment, construction signs: All the hassles that come with road work. One thing residents said they aren’t seeing? Workers.

“I have heard a lot of people say that they haven’t seen a lot of work going on at night time, which is odd, but yeah it’s kind of weird,” said Rick Hayes, Charleston resident.

In the last two months, Ryan Canfield, the project engineer, said crews had to cancel 10 times because of weather, which in his opinion is a significant amount for one project.

“We try to pay attention to the weather each and every day so if they see that it’s a complete loss they won’t send their guys out there that night just because it’s not beneficial to them or us,” he said.

According to Canfield, the project to reconstruct 33rd to 40th Street on MacCorkle Ave. started this spring with work on removing the median. He said work has slowed since then but that doesn’t mean they aren’t on track.

“When we were in the median, we were able to make quick quick progress. So, they saw that happen and now you’re seeing a little bit slower pace just because of the area we’re in and the drainage structure that has to go in,” Canfield said.

Even with a slower working pace, it still doesn’t change the fact that people like Hayes, who work on MacCorkle Ave., have to navigate through the construction every day.

“It’s hard turning off of MacCorkle, going to the bank, going to the other small shops,” Hayes said. “It’s hard to get in. It’s hard to get out back on MacCorkle.”

Despite Hayes’ frustration, he says he recognizes the need and is just hoping for more progress.

“It’s a very, very heavily traveled road so it does need work, it does need attention,” he said. “I hope it gets fixed very soon.”

Despite the weather delays and slower pace, Canfield said the project is on track and is expected to be completed by late summer 2024.

Once it is complete, he said the 33rd to 40th street of MacCorkle Ave. will have all new pavement, new drainage structures, new lighting, new curb ramps and new sidewalks.