CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – On Thursday, the Kanawha County Board of Education’s Central Office held an active shooter training, but it was all geared at administrators gaining situational awareness.

The training was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Charleston Office. It included firing blank rounds of ammunition from various firearms so they can hear what gunshots sound like inside the building compared to outside.

“Again, today wasn’t meant to scare people, it’s just meant to inform folks and they heard gunshots in the building and as the FBI said its better to hear them for the first time here than in a real situation,” said Dr. Tom Williams, the Superintendent of Kanawha County Schools.

The FBI says today’s training is critical for teachers and administrators to know what to do in active shooter situations, which can also be applied outside of the classroom.

“Jumping into that decision of run, hide, fight. And getting to that point where you can make that decision as soon as possible. So, understanding what you’re hearing and understanding the environment around you as it unfolds is critical to that,” says Tony Rausa, Supervisor Special Agent with the FBI Charleston Office.

The FBI Charleston Office has trained roughly 8,000 faculty members in southern West Virginia with the same curriculum used in Thursday’s training.

Kanawha County Schools is also in the process of working with Metro 911 to have access to the county school’s security cameras only when there is an emergency situation.