KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—Kanawha County Schools’ transportation issues continued Tuesday morning, and at least one parent in the area says she’s worried about overcrowding.

In a photo sent to 13 News by Allison Pannell, a concerned Kanawha County parent, students can be seen sitting three to a seat, some hanging into the aisle of the vehicle.

Pannell and her mother, Kimberly Harry, said that some children on the bus filled with Lakewood Elementary students were even sitting on the floor.

“My granddaughter gets in the car and she goes, ‘Mama, oh my gosh, you’re not going to believe what happened. My friends had to sit on the floor, and everybody was squished up. They had five people to a seat and the bus driver was yelling,'” Harry said.

Kanawha County Schools said that they have investigated reports of the overcrowded bus in St. Albans and determined that policies were followed despite the fact that the bus was crowded.

“There were three elementary school students per seat,” said Tracy White, Kanawha County Board President. “Is that crowded? Yes. Is that unsafe? No. Our bus drivers know and do everything possible to keep our kids safe.” 

The school district said that two buses worth of children had to be combined because about 30% of buses were not running.

“We have bus drivers doing double runs, triple runs, we have the bus drivers out there doing every single thing they can to get these kids to school,” White said.

Due to recent complaints from the community, KCS said they are going to re-investigate the incident in St. Albans to make sure that all appropriate procedures were followed.

KCS also said that bus drivers were advised to inform their supervisors if they felt that there was an unsafe number of students on their buses so they could do multiple trips.

An updated list of cancellations for Wednesday, Nov. 23, is posted on the West Virginia Department of Education’s website. More information can also be found on the WV Snow Day Twitter page and the Kanawha County Schools Facebook page.