HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK)—A man from Kenova was cited for carrying a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag at Huntington Tri-State Airport.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says that police confiscated a .40 caliber handgun loaded with 12 bullets after TSA officers spotted the gun in a security checkpoint X-ray machine.

They say the man told them that he forgot that he had the gun with him.

TSA says that when a person shows up at security with a firearm, the lane comes to a standstill until police come to resolve the incident, and other travelers could be delayed in finding their gates.

“It’s important to know where your gun is at all times, especially when you are packing for a flight,” said Simone Beyer, TSA’s Acting Federal Security Director for West Virginia. “Guns at security checkpoints are a serious concern. There’s a right way to transport a gun for a flight and a wrong way. The wrong way is to bring it to a checkpoint. The right way is to make sure it’s unloaded, packed in a hard-sided locked case and brought to the airline check-in counter to be declared. The airline will make sure it is transported in the belly of the plane where nobody has access to it during a flight.”

This was the first firearm confiscated at the Huntington Tri-State Airport in 2022. Three were confiscated in 2021.