PRESTONSBURG, KY (WOWK) — One kid in Prestonsburg is helping the families of the law enforcement officers killed in a June 30th shooting in Allen, Kentucky.

The Prestonsburg Police Department posted on Facebook that local kid Colton Risner is selling bracelets outside the town Walmart.

(Photo courtesy of the Prestonsburg Police Department)

But he’s not making the money for himself. Instead, he is donating the funds to the families of the fallen officers, Floyd County Deputy William Petry, Prestonsburg Police Captain Ralph Frasure, and Prestonsburg Police Officer Jacob Chaffins.

The officers died in a shootout on June 30 in Floyd County town of Allen, Kentucky. The officers were attempting to serve an emergency protection order when they came under heavy gunfire.

The bracelets Risner is selling are $4.

For more information, view the Prestonburg PD’s Facebook post.