CANNONSBURG, KY (WOWK) — While some flood victims in Kentucky are having to start completely over after losing everything to the recent flood, an organization hosted their second donation drive Sunday to help them out.

The Rush Cartel, a local off-road group, spent Sunday at the Walmart in Cannonsburg loading a trailer and bus with donated items from people in the community.

“It’s about helping people in need, and we hope that if we were ever in need, someone would do the same for us,” said Rush Cartel President Steven Newsome. “Community’s not always local. We’re a big off-road group. That’s what we do, that’s what we started, but we’re also a people helping people group.”

Organizers say although everything is helpful, right now Kentucky communities could really use hygiene products in addition to food and cleaning supplies.

Young people in the community say they are also doing what they can to get the donations rolling.

“I just posted on Instagram that I’m taking donations and bringing it out here,” said Kentucky resident Alycen Hurst. “A lot of people donated money, some people donated cases of water, and we just went and bought the water and brought it out.”

Hurst says she hopes this inspires others in the community to do what they can as well.