KNOTT COUNTY, KY (WOWK) — Parts of Eastern Kentucky are under a flood watch right now, and some people in Knott County say they are exhausted as they have only recently gotten their power back on.

Holly Bush Road in Knott County was one of the last areas to get restored power.

Some say they have had power on for almost two days, but others say it was restored on Tuesday night.

People say they have had to do things like sitting outside and depending on others to bring them food because their refrigerator had no power.

Some credit the flood-damaged roads for how long it took crews to get the power back on.

“I feel like usually it only takes a few days, but where the roads were so bad, they had to work on it pretty much every day until we got the power back on,” said Knott County resident Andrea Smith.

Another resident explains it has been an extremely challenging two weeks taking care of her father-in-law.

“He is on oxygen twenty-four-seven since COVID, and we have the Generac Generator system,” Brittany Thornsberry said. “It was impacted by the flood as well because the water had gotten so high. It was hard because we were having to go in and out of our holler 10 times a day just to get gasoline and oxygen to meet the guy because he couldn’t drive up here.”

Now, those residents say they are feeling a bit of normalcy with the power back on. Although, they hope with more rain expected in the area, the results this time will not be as bad as the last.