HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — One bar in Huntington added a new drink to its menu, but it is not your typical beverage. It is called the “pink drink,” and it is part of an initiative by LaFontaine’s Rooftop Lounge to ensure safe dating.

Every year in the United States about 1.5 million women are sexually assaulted while dating. Statistics like these are the reason LaFontaine’s owners say they are taking steps to keep their customers safe.

“I actually recently spoke to the sexual assault crisis people here locally, and one of the representatives told me: ‘If there was a protocol like this twenty to thirty years ago, my life would’ve turned out a lot differently,” Mack Gleason, co-owner of LaFontaine’s said. “And that statement alone made me feel like what we’re doing here is something that could really expand to the whole area.”

The new policy starts with a simple sign located in the women’s bathroom. It tells women that if they don’t feel safe with their date, they should go to the bar and order a “pink drink.”

“If you order it from a cocktail waitress or at the bar, they will let management know right away, and we will see where it needs to go from there,” Gleason said.

He said the idea came from one of his employees.

“One of my staff members, she’s a female here. She said that: ‘You know, I’m seeing this go viral on TikTok or Instagram or whatever, and I think that would be great if we offered something ourselves,” Gleason said.

Gleason also said that just because the sign is in the women’s bathroom, it does not mean that men cannot order the “pink drink” too if they are in an uncomfortable situation.

“You can order this as a male or female,” he said. “This happens on both sides, so we don’t want it to just be female-oriented. The reason it’s in the women’s bathroom is because it’s the most discreet location right now, but if you order it, either way, we’ll take care of you.”

With Marshall University less than a mile away, the initiative is already putting the college community at ease.

“Especially, with a new bar just taking initiative to provide safety not only for women but also men, it could open doors for other bars to do the same thing,” said Jimal Vineyard, a Marshall University employee.

“I personally believe that there have been situations with my girlfriends, and they weren’t able to get out of it,” said Shifa Khan, a Marshall University graduate student. “It’s a great initiative.”

Gleason said that staff members will be trained in the “pink drink” protocol, but they will also be trained to recognize signs of uncomfortable situations, even when the pink drink is not ordered.