CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The latest major lawsuit concerning the opioid crisis gets underway in Kanawha County Court Monday morning. 

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is suing three drug makers. They are the Janssen, Teva, and Allergan companies. 

Morrisey says the firms flooded West Virginia with pain killers and did not warn medical professionals just how addictive the drugs were.

We caught up with Morrisey before going into the courtroom Monday morning. He told 13 News “We feel really good. We put the hard work in but we have more to do in the upcoming weeks. And I’m looking forward to telling what’s happened to the state of West Virginia and the role that these defendants played in causing the epidemic. These are allegations that finally have a chance to be proven.” 

Some of the drugs were designed only for cancer patients but were widely prescribed.  

Morrisey is seeking unspecified damages that could be distributed to cities and counties if he wins.

“There’s a memorandum of understanding between the state and then we’re working to get the approval of the 55 counties, the cities, so I’m hopeful that that approval process will end probably sometime in the next few weeks. That will actually help dictate how the money gets managed and how it gets allocated across West Virginia,” said Morrisey before the trial started.

He says the trial could take two months. 13 News will be in the courtroom for opening statements.  

There will be no jury as the judge will decide the case.