CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Driving under the influence is something Lt. Nathan Dennis said you should never do regardless of the substance.

“If there’s a potential there that what you’re taking could cause you to be impaired, than don’t drive,” said Dennis with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “I think that’s the simplest message. Don’t drive if there’s anything that could put you or someone else at risk.”

According to investigators, the suspect in a fatal crash in St. Albans on Oct. 26 had used both the Delta-8 and Delta-9 before crossing the centerline on MacCorkle Avenue killing two people and injuring two others.

Even though hemp products under 0.3% THC are legal, Lt. Dennis said they can still cause impairment.

“Depending upon the tolerance level of the person partaking in that drug, you can still see impairment if enough of that substance is consumed within the body even though it’s at a lower level,” he said.

Jessica Jordan, the manager of Green Fusion a cannabis store in Charleston, said Delta-8 has a more mild effect compared with Delta-9.

“If you were to look at the chemical structure of Delta-8 and Delta-9, they’re very similar, but the effect they’re going to have on the body, Delta-8 is a little bit mild compared to Delta-9 being a little bit heavier in terms of how it makes you feel,” she said.

Another difference she said is that Delta-8 cartridges can be bought in stores; however, a stronger Delta-9 cartridges needs to be purchased with a medical marijuana card.

According to Lt. Dennis, edibles take longer to cause an impairing effect compared to smoking, and the extent of the effects can depend on your tolerance to the drug.

“It’s best to do it in a situation where you don’t have to drive because you don’t know what the effects will be until after you do it,” he said.