UPDATE (2:38 p.m. on Friday, June 10): Embattled Lincoln County Assessor Jereme Browning has resigned, according to county commissioner Josh Stowers.

Stowers said that Lincoln County Commissioners accepted his resignation during a special meeting on June 9. 

Browning gave no reason for his resignation in the letter that was dated June 8.  That was the same day that a criminal complaint says Browning was found asleep while at work.

Stowers says that commissioners now have 30 days to make an appointment.

The appointed assessor will be a democrat because that was Browning’s party affiliation.

Come November both the Democrats and Republicans will appoint candidates to be on the November ballot.

That person will serve the rest of Browning’s term.

LINCOLN COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—A county accessor arrested earlier this year on charges of alleged domestic battery is now being accused of public intoxication and disrupting governmental process.

According to a criminal complaint from the Lincoln County Magistrate Court, courthouse staff allegedly found Lincoln County Assessor Jereme Browning, 39, sleeping on a couch in his office on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. The complaint states that after a staff member attempted to wake him up he allegedly “seemed to be in an altered state of mind.”

Authorities say due to Browning’s alleged “inebriation,” the assessor’s office had to be closed. The sheriff then arrived on scene and spoke with Browning. The complaint states Browning allegedly failed a field sobriety test. Authorities say Browning also allegedly admitted to “taking too much of a sleeping medication” that he reportedly said “made him sleep walk as a result.”

Browning has been charged with public intoxication and willful disruption of a governmental process.

Earlier this year, Browning was arrested at the courthouse and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery in connection to an alleged incident that happened at his home in Harts, West Virginia on Wednesday, March 23, regarding a juvenile victim.