CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Transportation Security Administration officers cited a man at West Virginia Yeager International Airport for having a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag.

According to the TSA, officers found the .380 caliber handgun in a Mingo County man’s carry-on bag on Monday, Aug. 8 in the checkpoint x-ray machine. Officials say the gun was loaded with five bullets, and an additional gun magazine containing five more bullets were also found in the bag.

Authorities say police were called to the checkpoint and they confiscated the firearm. The Delbarton, West Virginia man was cited on a weapons charge.

The TSA says when guns are found at airport checkpoints, it causes a delay for travelers trying to get to their gates because the checkpoint lane comes to a standstill until the incident is resolved by police.

“We get that there are plenty of rules related to TSA security screening and that they are not always easy to remember,” said Simone Beyer, TSA’s Acting Federal Security Director for West Virginia. “But travelers must remember not to bring their firearms and ammunition to our security checkpoints.”

There are details on the TSA website on how to properly travel with a firearm TSA officials also urge travelers to contact their airline to see if the company has additional requirements for traveling with firearms and ammunition.

This is the second firearm confiscated from Yeager Airport this year, according to the TSA. In 2021, three were found at Yeager and a total of 5,972 were found nationwide on passengers or in their carry-ons.

TSA authorities say of the guns found at airport checkpoints across the country this year, approximately 86% have been loaded.