HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — A local author is close to releasing his fourth novel, and this time his work is focused on a police department from the Tri-State area.

‘HPD’ is the name Michael Connick decided to give his latest fictional novel.

The novel centers around a police officer with the Huntington Police Department.

While fiction, Connick’s new book is inspired by the many true stories he’s heard from local law enforcement.

Connick’s previous books were spy novels which he based partly on his time with the intelligence community.

Because he’s obsessed with accuracy, Connick says he ran the book past many officers to make his work more realistic with what an officer’s day looks like; everything from radio codes and practices, to protocols in different scenarios.

Connick’s ‘HPD’ takes the reader through the journey of a rookie cop in 2006, before the recession hit, all the way through 2018.

“[In 2018], the crime rate is dropping and the overdose rate is dropping and there’s definitely hope for the city. So, there’s hope for my hero and there’s hope for the city and I wanted to get that idea across,” Connick said.

Connick hopes the book will give people that aren’t from the area a feel for what living in Huntington is like.

“It’s a very special place, and I wanted to make Huntington a character in the book,” he said.

A book signing will be held at Consigned Books in Ironton on May 25 when his book is released.

The book signing is scheduled from noon until 6 p.m.

You can find copies of ‘HPD’ at Consigned Books in Ironton, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Bookstores, and the Books a Million website.

Connick hopes to get the book to other local bookstores in the Tri-State like Intergeek and Taylor Books within a month.