APPLE GROVE, WV (WOWK) — There’s more expansion news for the Apple Grove area, but this latest development is already in full swing!

If you’re passing through Apple Grove, the Par Mar Stores Apple Grove Market off of Route 2 might look a little different.

Since last weekend, you can now do most of your grocery shopping right in town—a luxury many say they haven’t had in the area for years.

The Apple Grove Market is now also an IGA grocery store.

“Where’s the grocery store around here? You’d have to go to Point Pleasant or further down the river toward Huntington to find a grocery store. The people of Apple Grove need this,” says Bob Titus of Pomeroy, Ohio, who says he frequently stops in this store.

“We’re proud to say that we’ve listened to the community–they asked for an expanded grocery line so we have now put in an IGA store here,” says Dave Allen, director of community relations for Par Mar Stores.

Examples of things people can now get—in addition to the things this store already offered—include fresh meat and fresh produce.

“There’s a lot of exciting news going on in the part of the world, with Nucor and things of that nature, so we’re proud to be a part of it,” Allen says.

This grocery store opened without the pomp and frills just this past weekend: “We didn’t really have a grand opening per se, we just put the signs up and let her fly cause we didn’t want to wait around,” Allen says.

People coming through the store say being able to get more of their grocery needs covered locally is a big benefit to them.

“It makes it pretty convenient. I don’t have to go to Point Pleasant or Huntington. I can just stay right here in the community… The community’s gonna expand, especially with the steel mill and everything it’s just really gonna grow I believe,” says Curtis Hammond, who lives in Apple Grove.

“It’s a plus. You can get your gas, groceries in one spot. With the steel mill coming in, that’ll be good for everybody,” Titus says.

“This area over the next four to five years is going to be exploding and we already had this plan in place. We may have fast-forwarded it a little bit because we wanted to go ahead and get it open,” Allen says.

Allen says it actually used to be a grocery store before it was a convenience store, and they wanted to hit the ground running with this expansion ahead of all the people they anticipate will move to and work in the area—thanks to the construction of the Nucor steel mill.